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 Salons are a chance for the American Friends to virtually gather from around the world to discuss all things Musée de Montmartre. 


 Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, La Vache enragée, 1896, lithograph, 79 x 57 cm

The American Friends Salons

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 The AFMM salons bring the Montmartre period to life. Although each salon addresses a different subject, all are infused with the frothy excitement of the Montmartre period. 


The Vexations 

A discussion with author Caitlin Harrocks

This "enthralling" debut novel and Wall Street Journal Top Ten Book of the Year circles the life of eccentric composer Erik Satie in La Belle Époque Paris and examines love, family, genius, and the madness of art (New York Times Book Review).


Montmartre Artists and the Dreyfus Affaire / The Legacy of Fin-de-Siècle Montmartre 

by Phillip Dennis Cate 


“Sweet escapes: Women Surrealism” 

by Saskia Ooms 

The Musée de Montmartre’s curator, Saskia Ooms, discusses the Musée’s next exhibition 


“The Quat’z Arts Ball and Cabaret” 

by Phillip Dennis Cate 


“The Spirit of Montmartre” 

by Phillip Dennis Cate 

A rich and interesting discussion on the topic of all things Montmartre. 


“The Chat Noir Cabaret” 

by Phillip Dennis Cate 

What, where, when, and why it is important.

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