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 Full of cabaret spirit in every sense of the word, the American Friends of Musée de Montmartre are dedicated patrons of the Musée, well-aware that it is our support that keeps this artistic tradition alive. 

About Friends

A History of Patronage

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 Join a tradition that dates back to the founder of the Chat Noir himself. 

Remembered as the creator of the modern cabaret, Rodolphe Salis was one of the first to create a space shared by artists and patrons alike. 

His Chat Noir was a gathering place - a place where patrons could enter the world of the artists, granted they bought a drink, and even then only for an evening. It was a place where artists could meet, practice, and perform. The Chat Noir was full of unbridled creativity and fun, but it also illustrated Salis’ understanding of an important dynamic: the artists needed patrons to survive. 

Membership Levels

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Thank you for your support!

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