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Opening March 14, 2024


Curated by

Céline Berchiche and

Mario Choueiry


A Friendship
Rooted in History...

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 The American Friends of Musée de Montmartre are the steadfast champions of the Musée. We cherish the Belle Époque period of art history, of course, but we believe that Montmartre is more than just history. Montmartre represents a time of collaboration, creation, and celebration. It is this spirit - this cabaret spirit - that the AFMM honors in its support for the Musée and its programming. 


 The American Friends of Musée de Montmartre help those who do not live in France or speak French to experience the Musée and the magical, artistic world it reveals. 

The Musée de Montmartre is the lens through which we gain access to the true Montmartre. Join the American Friends as we explore the world of artists, writers, satirists, and patrons
as it existed at the turn of the last century. 


Join Our Cause

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 The mission of the American Friends of Musée de Montmartre (AFMM) is to raise awareness among Americans and provide financial support (on a tax-deductible basis) for the Musée’s activities. The AFMM supports exhibitions, educational activities, and additions to the permanent collection of the Musée. The AFMM receives contributions through a 501(c)(3) organization, Myriad USA. 

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